Thursday, December 8
Chester-le-Street, UK


Waldridge Park Partnership

Chester le Street Town FC has agreed in principle to enter into a partnership with Chester le Street Waldridge Park FC for a period of 12 months at which point the arrangement will be reviewed.
The agreement takes the form of Chester le Street Waldridge Park will form the youth section of Chester le Street Town FC and undertake all of the previous activities undertaken by the former Chester le Street Town Youth FC.
We would like to thank the members of Chester le Street Waldridge Park for their willingness to work alongside us with a view to permanently reaching an agreement going forwards which will be for the benefit of both clubs as well as the people of Chester le Street.
In closing it has and always will be our intention to provide opportunities for all children and young people to play football and learn skills as they progress; it is not the end result which matters but an interesting and fruitful journey.

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